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We are Livonia’s most reliable dumpster rental company.

Dumpster Rental Services in Livonia, Michigan


DIAL-A-DUMPSTER is proud to serve the Livonia, Michigan, area with reliable dumpster rentals for all of your waste disposal needs. From commercial projects to rubber tire dumpsters – and everything in between – you can trust our team to help you determine the best dumpster rental for your project, to deliver it on time when you need it, and provide prompt removal upon your project completion. We can also assist you with junk removal and trash disposal through our transfer center to simplify your life. Contact us to learn more about our options in Livonia, Michigan today.

Livonia, Michigan Dumpster Rental


Dial-A-Dumpster offers roll off dumpster rental services for your waste management needs

Roll-Off Dumpster Rentals

Are you planning a large construction project or home renovation? Consider a roll-off dumpster rental to maintain a safe, clean work site. Easily moved from location to location, these open-top dumpsters can handle yard debris, roofing materials, brick, and more, to help you easily dispose of unwanted items.

Our roll-off dumpsters are available in a variety of sizes to support your Livonia, Michigan, project. With prompt delivery services, you can be sure it's ready and waiting to support your project. Let our waste management experts help you find the ideal roll-off dumpster rental to support your needs with clear, transparent pricing options.

Rubber tire dumpsters ensure the safety of your foundation during waste removal

Rubber Tire Dumpster Rentals

Depending on your trash removal needs, a rubber tire dumpster rental may be the best option. These dumpsters are front loading and sit atop a trailer with rubber wheels to protect your driveway from heavier debris that may impact the foundation, leading to cracks and damage. These types of dumpster rentals are also more neighborhood-friendly, so you can dispose of your waste without interrupting the everyday lives of others around you.

Rubber tire dumpsters are a simple dumpster rental solution for home renovation or construction projects, and are available in a variety of sizes to suit your individual needs. If you're considering a dumpster rental for a residential project, contact our team at DIAL-A-DUMPSTER today, and let's explore the available options.

Dial-A-Dumpster offers junk removal services

Junk Removal Services

At DIAL-A-DUMPSTER, we do more than just dumpster rental! Our expert team can help you remove unwanted junk from your home that your local waste management system might not be able to take, such as large or bulky household items or debris from DIY projects.

Our responsive service can help you clean out your space as quickly as you need to without the need for a dumpster rental. Our waste management experts are here to support local Livonia, Michigan, residents and businesses. Simply give us a call, share your needs, and we'll provide you with a clear, transparent quote.

*It is important to note that our removal services cannot handle hazardous or toxic materials.

Waste Transfer Stations are more environmentally friendly than landfills or other waste disposal options

Commercial Dumpster Rental Services

Our company handles commercial waste removal and management services for a variety of different commercial sectors, including manufacturing, production, landscape waste, and compactor services.

Our commercial dumpster rentals allow you to easily maintain a safe, clean, and debris-free job site for your large projects in the Livonia, Michigan, area. DIAL-A-DUMPSTER is your dedicated commercial waste removal partner. Contact us today to find out why we're the area's leading provider of dumpster rentals.

Dial-A-Dumpster offers Transfer services for your waste management needs

Transfer Station

While you may not need dumpster rental services, DIAL-A-DUMPSTER is so much more! Our conveniently-located transfer station allows you the ease of simply dropping off your garbage and allowing our expert waste management team to take care of the logistics.

Never worry about having to visit your local landfill, and find your nearest DIAL-A-DUMPSTER transfer station. You won't find a simpler, quicker trash disposal service near Livonia, Michigan!

Livonia's Leading Dumpster Rental Servicee

DIAL-A-DUMPSTER is proud to serve the Livonia, Michigan, community, by providing the highest quality commercial and residential dumpster rentals to ensure clean home and job sites. When it comes to trash disposal, you can rest-assured that you are working with a company that believes in preserving and improving the planet. Through our green initiative, we focus on recycling and condensing as much as we can to reduce the amount of garbage that winds up in landfills. 

Our local, responsive team ensures that you receive your dumpster rentals when you need them with prompt, secure delivery. Whether it's a construction site, yard work, or a residential area, we've got you covered, and are dedicated to providing the highest quality professional service in the Livonia area.

Common Dumpster Rental FAQs

How much is a dumpster rental?
Our dumpster rentals vary by price and type. During your initial call, our waste management experts will help you determine the best size dumpster and type to support your needs, and provide a transparent quote so there are no surprises. .
What can you put in a dumpster rental?
While there are a number of items that can be disposed in your dumpster rental, there are also some materials that are prohibited. Our experts will review these materials during your initial quote so that you're aware of what we can and cannot accept in the dumpsters.
What are common dumpster sizes?
There are a wide variety of dumpster sizes, including smaller yard dumpsters for residential projects and large, commercial dumpsters to support construction projects. Our expert team can help you determine the size you'll need for your waste removal, and will schedule quick delivery and pickup when you need it.
How quickly does DIAL-A-DUMPSTER deliver my rental?
In most cases, we are able to deliver your dumpster rental within a few hours, depending on your need. Give us a call, tell us the time and place, and we'll arrange to drop off your dumpster at a time that's convenient to you.

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