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Make the World Cleaner, Rent a Dumpster in Macomb County


Everybody deserves to live and work in an area not consumed by garbage. Not only is it messy, but it's downright dangerous. Just think about it. There's a reason that many post-apocalyptic works of fiction are set in societies littered with trash. At Dial-A-Dumpster, we want your team to avoid performing their construction work in such perilous conditions.

That's why we've made it our mission to provide trash removal services to anyone looking to undergo a renovation. We're a dumpster rental company that emphasizes customer service, is ready at the sound of a phone call, and is committed to helping keep Macomb County, Michigan, clean. So whether you're looking for a roll-off dumpster rental for your DIY home renovation or a construction dumpster rental for your new commercial building project, our staff can handle your hazardous materials and give you the pristine working environment your team deserves.

For a trustworthy dumpster rental service, give us a call today!

Offering Various Dumpster Rental Sizes for Your Hazardous & Solid Wastes

Different projects require different tools and instruments. Your dumpster requirement is likely different from other nearby construction or remodeling projects, despite both needing to eliminate hazardous wastes. At Dial-A-Dumpster, we can help guide you on the type of dumpster you need for your project.

If you're working at home, we'll make sure you have a driveway-safe dumpster. If you need help determining your desired size, we can help you choose the right one. Call us and describe your job to our team. We'll provide you with an accurate dumpster rental quote before sending the right one to you for the job. Of course, be sure to check out our various dumpsters featured below.


Dial-A-Dumpster offers Transfer services for your waste management needs

Rubber Wheeled Dumpsters

Rubber wheeled dumpsters are driveway safe, making them perfect for junk removal in a residential area. We'll deliver these convenient dumpster rentals directly to your worksite. Their large rubber wheels lessen any potential damage to the foundation, hence the phrase "driveway-safe dumpster." 

And, we can place rubber wheeled dumpsters right in a driveway so that you don't have to worry about annoying any of your neighbors with a dumpster on the street. If this sounds like the dumpster that you need, call Dial-A-Dumpster today!

Waste Transfer Stations are more environmentally friendly than landfills or other waste disposal options

Roll-Off Dumpsters

Convenient, reliable, and available in various sizes, roll-off dumpsters are one of our most popular dumpster rentals. With sizes available for large projects like new home construction or small project like cleaning out your old home, you can use these dumpsters for almost anything. Essentially, they are the Swiss army knife of trash removal.

Unlike rubber wheeled dumpsters, which can almost always be placed in your driveway, a roll-off dumpster is commonly placed near your worksite. Our dumpster professionals will discuss where the roll-off needs to be placed with you before ordering, as they require a specific amount of space and foundation strength. If you want the jack-of-all-trades dumpster, call us today!

Dial-A-Dumpster offers junk removal services

Junk Removal Services

Not every local trash removal company will handle the bigger items you need to get rid of, such as mattresses, appliances, and furniture. If your home is filled with trash, we can remove all of it, regardless of the size. Our junk removal specialists are ready to come to your home in Macomb County and help you clean your house, garage, and storage space. Just Dial-A-Dumpster to get started.

Waste Transfer Stations are more environmentally friendly than landfills or other waste disposal options

Commercial Waste Management Services

As a commercial business owner going through a renovation or construction project, it’s crucial to maintain a clean and safe environment for your construction team. Dial-A-Dumpster can keep your working environment debris-free and help prevent your employees from sustaining an injury.

Our commercial waste management service can handle any construction project, whether a new industrial building or a commercial remodel. Contact us today to learn about our commercial dumpster rentals for Macomb County business owners.

Dial-A-Dumpster offers Transfer services for your waste management needs

Waste Transfer Center

You can avoid having to haul your trash all the way to a landfill. Dial-A-Dumpster operates our own transfer center, a small industrial facility temporarily holding and sorting garbage before sending it to a landfill. We can accept the items as long as they aren’t toxic, hazardous, or flammable. Bring your trash to our waste transfer center, and we’ll handle the rest!

Highly Rated Dumpster Rental Company in Macomb County, Michigan


Dial-A-Dumpster is proud to undergo green initiatives focusing on compacting and recycling as often as possible. We’re committed to doing our part to reduce the amount of trash in local landfills. As your trash removal partner, we are committed to improving and preserving our planet for future generations.

Our green initiatives are one way that we help the residents and business owners of Macomb County. We are dedicated to providing excellent customer service by offering various dumpsters for all our clients’ needs. Give us a call and let us know how we can serve you.

Dumpster Rental FAQs

Dial-A-Dumpster is here to answer any questions you may have regarding dumpster rental and garbage disposal services in Macomb County, Michigan. If you don’t see your question below, feel free to Dial-A-Dumpster and speak with one of our waste management experts.

Can I Get a Dumpster Rental Quote?
Yes! During your initial call, our waste management experts will help you determine the best size dumpster and type to support your needs and provide a transparent quote so there are no surprises. 
What Items are Prohibited in a Rental Dumpster?
Certain toxic, hazardous, and flammable items can’t be put into a rental dumpster. Don’t worry about throwing away the wrong item. Our experts will review these materials during your initial quote so you know what we can and cannot accept in the dumpsters.
How Do I Prepare for a Dumpster Delivery in Macomb County?
It’s important to ensure the space where you want the dumpster placed is marked and clear of any other items. During your initial consultation, our team will help you determine the best place for your dumpster and will help you to make sure the space is the correct size for placement.
When Should I Rent a Dumpster?
Dumpster rentals are typically used for larger construction sites, but many residential clients find them quite useful for a home renovation project requiring significant garbage removal.

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