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Oakland County
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Dumpster Rental Services in Oakland County, MI


DIAL-A-DUMPSTER proudly serves Oakland County and the surrounding areas. Remove waste and unwanted junk with our convenient dumpster rental options, including roll-off dumpsters and rubber tire dumpsters. Looking for more than a budget dumpster rental? We've got you covered with our dedicated waste removal services, commercial cleanup for job sites, and eco-friendly trash transfer center.

No matter how large or small your trash removal job is, we'll make sure you get the right dumpster at an affordable price. With the DIAL-A-DUMPSTER dumpster rental business in Oakland County, there are no hidden fees. Contact us today for more details about our different dumpster rental options.

Oakland County Dumpster Rental Services


Dial-A-Dumpster offers Transfer services for your waste management needs

Roll-Off Dumpsters

DIAL-A-DUMPSTER offers various dumpster rental services to handle any size disposal project. Our roll-off dumpsters are suitable for both residential and commercial waste management projects. Whether you're cleaning up the yard or remodeling a property, a roll-off dumpster rental could be the solution you are looking for. Our sturdy roll-off containers can withstand and contain a variety of materials including brick, shingles, yard debris, cement, concrete, and more.

These open-top dumpsters are also an important part of maintaining a clean and professional job site. A roll-off container works great on large construction projects such as disposing of roofing materials, yard waste, and leftovers from major home cleanouts or renovations. Plus, you'll create more space for your crew to get the job done safely. Our roll-off dumpster rentals come in multiple sizes, so contact one of our waste management experts today for prices and availability.


Waste Transfer Stations are more environmentally friendly than landfills or other waste disposal options

Rubber Tire Dumpsters

If your garbage removal project involves heavy items or trash such as construction materials or concrete, you run the risk of damaging your driveway or road. Fortunately, when it comes to oversized loads and large amounts of debris, rubber-wheeled dumpsters from DIAL-A-DUMPSTER can handle whatever you throw at them.

Rubber tire dumpsters can be placed almost anywhere for quick and easy cleanup. In addition, renting rubber-wheeled dumpsters helps you protect your property and comply with the weight limits of residential driveways and roadways.


Dial-A-Dumpster offers junk removal services

Junk Removal Services

Many items are too large or bulky to throw away in normal trash containers, and they can't be kicked to the curb for normal trash pickup either. If you need a helping hand with heavy junk and debris removal, call the DIAL-A-DUMPSTER junk removal experts! Our professional waste management team is ready to assist you by loading your unwanted items and hauling them away. From cluttered garages to the messy aftermath of DIY projects, we've seen it all.

Please note DIAL-A-DUMPSTER cannot remove hazardous materials or anything corrosive, combustible, toxic, or reactive.


Waste Transfer Stations are more environmentally friendly than landfills or other waste disposal options

Commercial Waste Management Services

Construction debris, demolition projects, and major cleaning projects require commercial dumpsters. DIAL-A-DUMPSTER is proud to offer dumpster rentals for commercial and industrial businesses in Oakland County.

When looking for a waste management company that can handle big jobs as well as small projects, we handle all sizes of waste removal projects. We are dedicated to getting you the dumpster solution you need—the right size, at the right time. Reach out now to explore a variety of dumpster sizes at competitive prices.

Dial-A-Dumpster offers Transfer services for your waste management needs

Trash Transfer Center

Need a self-serve landfill? DIAL-A-DUMPSTER offers an easy solution with our trash transfer center. This industrial facility holds and sorts trash before sending it to a landfill. How does it work? When you arrive at our trash transfer center, our waste managers will weigh your vehicle. Continue on inside and remove your waste or garbage, then head back to the weigh station. Once your vehicle is weighed again, you'll be charged based on the weight difference from arrival to departure. That's it! We will handle the disposal of the waste.

Please be aware that we cannot dispose of hazardous materials such as items that are corrosive, combustible, toxic, or reactive.

Oakland County's Top Dumpster Rental Service


DIAL-A-DUMPSTER is locally owned and operated out of the Metro Detroit Area. We believe everyone has a responsibility to pitch in and do what they can to improve the planet we share. As a part of our green initiative, we recycle as much as possible to reduce the amount of waste being dumped in landfills. Our recycling services play a part in keeping Oakland County a safe and clean place to work and live.

When you choose DIAL-A-DUMPSTER, you'll receive professional and efficient service at competitive pricing. On-time delivery and outstanding customer service are our priorities. We pride ourselves on being one of the top waste management companies, and we are committed to delivering dumpster rental Detroit, MI and surrounding areas can rely on.

Detroit Dumpster Rental FAQs

How do I rent a dumpster in Oakland County?
Simply contact us at 313-205-9631 to schedule a dumpster rental—when you need it, and for as long as you need it!
What is the price for a dumpster rental?
Our dumpster rental pricing is based on the size of the dumpster and how long you need it. We have competitive dumpster rental prices, no hidden fees, and we tell you the costs upfront. To explore waste removal services and dumpster rental for residential and industrial customers, reach out to us now.
How fast can we have a dumpster delivered or picked up?
ASAP! Tell us the time and location for your dumpster delivery, and we can drop it off or pickup within hours of contacting us.
How much waste management experience does DIAL-A-DUMPSTER have?
With over a century of combined experience, there's no home project too small and no construction site too big for us to handle. When you call DIAL-A-DUMPSTER, know you're receiving the most experienced waste removal team in the Detroit city area.

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